Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

Problogger has a great post about Ten Techniques to Get More Comments on Your Blog. Here is his list:

1. Invite Comments
2. Ask Questions
3. Be Open Ended
4. Interact with comments left
5. Set Boundaries
6. Be humble
7. Be gracious
8. Be controversial?
9. 'Reward' Comments
10. Make it Easy to Comment
Problogger always has lots of good tips for improving your blog. I highly recommend adding him to your feed reader.


Anonymous said...

Hi Britt,

Nice resource you're building here!

Britt Bravo said...


Dave Bradley said...

How about trying this
killer tip for getting more comments on your blog...

if you mention it on your site, pedantic readers are sure to go looking just so they can spot what you did. You could even offer a prize for the first commenter to spot the deliberate mishtake...


Amaging said...

nice one.

Marcy said...

Awesome tips. It's definately something I'll think about the next time I blog.

OXOX Marcy

Cafe Observer said...

BB, great tips. However, have you given up on this blog? No positing from you since 2006?

Britt Bravo said...

Yeah, I created this as a resource I point to when I'm explaining stuff to people. Haven't needed to update it, although I suppose I should (: